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Knowing the best way of structuring your paper when writing it, and the most appropriate journal to send it to, really helps in getting your paper accepted. Understanding how editors and publishers think and what they expect, and knowing how the peer review process works, is an invaluable insight into the publishing process.

日期 Date2020/7/2 Thursday15:00 - 16:00

 Results:After viewing the recently recorded author workshop, and then taking part in the live Question and Answer session participants will have a clear idea of the steps needed to be taken before starting to write a paper including selecting the most appropriate journal to submit to. They should be able to plan writing manuscripts using the logical step sequence – not the sequence in which the paper will be read. Important tips and tricks include knowing what aspects of their papers Editors, Reviewers, and Publishers look at critically, so their papers are much more likely to be accepted. Dealing with referees' comments, understanding open access, and publishing ethics, are also clearly explained and so with this extra information participants should get their papers published more easily.