The Seat Reservation System Guide

【Self-study Area】Library 4F (164 seats), Student Dorm B1 (353 seats), IR B111 (74 seats)

【Users】KMU students and faculty


  1. The Seat Reservation System allows online booking within 14 days. Per person can reserve one seat at the same hour and totally up to 60 hours.
  2. Please sign in within the reserved time (if you reserved 8:00-9:00, you can sign in from 8:00-9:00); only the computers in three self-study areas can be used for signing in. For the continual usage, it is necessary to sign in every 6 hours.
  3. An overdue or absent reservation will be given a penalty point, users will be suspended use right 10 days when he or she has accumulated 30 points (hours).
  4. If you have any questions, please contact librarians at the circulation desk (extension 2133*83 ;

【User Guide】