The University library, with the new building completed in 2005 and the original facility, now has approximately 3,600 square meters of floor space plus significantly more advanced computers, collection management equipment, and study and reading facilities. Users can access the library's automation system from remote locations to search for books and obtain other information. Users may also employ the library's online databases to retrieve full-texts and article abstracts.

The library currently contains over 15,000 periodicals, including electronic journals in Chinese, Japanese, and Western languages. The vast majority of non-current periodicals have been bound for permanent use. The library's collection of electronic materials includes various CD-ROM databases, online databases, e-journals, and e-books. The university continues receiving funding from the Ministry of Education and personal donation to expand its collections, facilities and activities.

The library has a special area called multi-media learning classroom It provides students with on-line learning activities and facilitate uses of multimedia teaching and learning materials. Audiovisual instruction fosters interest in learning and study. The classroom is equipped with a broadcast system with real-time multicasting equipment as well as an MOD system. In addition, group discussion rooms and study carrels bring in more opportunities for teachers and students to study after class interactively. Plenty of popular comics are placed in an open area with timber floor and soft light where users can read at ease. The library has its own website which presents a range of updated information regarding recent changes in the library such as new arrivals, educational activities for users, and the regulations.

The university has a 500 Mbps link with the Taiwan Academic Network (TANet) and Taiwan Advanced Research Network (TWAREN) plus a dedicated 4 Mbps ISP line. The backbone of the campus network has been upgraded to Gigabit Ethernet (1,000 Mbps). The information system including academic affairs, student affair, general affair, research and development, human resource, and accounting has been online. There are 4 computer classrooms offering instructional software and hardware, plus printers and Internet access. The campus wireless network allows students and instructors to access the Internet via an 802.11b/g WLAN connection from lounges, the library, conference rooms, and the outdoor gardens and coffee shops. We have set up a campus wide e-Learning system.

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