1st Floor Main Entrance, Circulation Service, Interlibrary Loan, Magazines, Book Exhibitions, Online Workstations, Audio-Video, Current Printed Periodicals, Multimedia Resource Room, Gallery, Soft Readings, Newspapers, Special Donations, Photocopying Service, Campus Bookstore
2nd Floor Medical Monographic Collections (QS—WZ), Special Collections, Medical Humanity Collections, Reference Collections, Dissertations, Diversified Learning Space(Discussion Rooms, Carrels)
3rd Floor General Monographic Collections (000—999), Early Collections, Chinese Bound Periodicals, Book Collections of Dr. Tu, Library Main Office, Collection Managenment Office
4th Floor Self-study Area


Library Learning Center (opposed to library building)
1st Floor Learning Resource Area (information area, public area and group discussion areas, magazines and relaxing area)
2nd Floor Course Reserves Area, Self-study Area