ACS AOffC Taiwan VirtualEvent Agenda 1

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時間:2022 年 月 6 日(三) 15:45-19:00

Time:April 6, 2022 Asia Pacific 3:45 pm - 7 pm (SGT) 

Reaxys User Day 是一個全球活動,來自世界各地具備豐富經驗的科學家將分享如何更快更可靠尋找所需資訊的方法-我們誠摯邀請您一同參與!這是一個難得的機會,讓您理解資訊探索技術的最新發展,並與我們的專業客戶顧問一起參加分組會議,您可以在場次中提出問題,必且學習如何充分利用 Reaxys 

The Reaxys User Day is a global event where experienced scientists from around the world will share how they are finding ways to gain faster and more reliable access to the information they need—and you’re invited! It’s a unique opportunity to update yourself on the newest developments in discovery technology, and participate in breakout sessions with our expert customer consultants where you can ask questions and learn how to make the most of Reaxys.


本場線上研討會全程以英語進行 (This webinar will be conducted in English)