• Library部分以臨床分科架構與比較整理來連結相關知識,並在每一項知識旁附有Qbank相關臨床題佐以實戰,不同於以往單點式學習的辭典系統。
  • Qbank部分以臨床情境式敘述問題,每一題都附有隱藏式螢光標註以及重點提示,使用者點擊後顯示,有助漸進式建立臨床思考模式。題目有5-10個選項,作答後每一個選項都附有詳解,並且在重點字詞設置超連結至library相關知識。

需註冊個人帳密,申請授權碼(AMBOSS Access Codes ),本學年度學校購買之授權碼已全部申請完畢。


AMBOSS is a new and innovative learning platform and reference resource for medical students and physicians. AMBOSS is available in English and in German, and is being used by medical students around the world to deepen understanding, support in clinical settings, and prepare for USMLE and German licensing exams. From November 15th to December 15th, students and faculty at Kaohsiung Medical University are invited to test the AMBOSS platform for free using a special access code. 

Step-by-Step guide to activate

1.  Log in to your AMBOSS account.
If you already have an existing AMBOSS account, you can log in using the email address associated with your existing account. You do not need to create a new account.
If you do not currently have an account, you can register here using your preferred email address.

2. To activate your access, you need to use the Desktop version, not the mobile app.

3. Click on  the “Account” icon in the left dashboard panel and then click the button on the right side to  “Redeem Code.”

4. You can see the option to "Activate Code". Enter the code that you received from your University, and click "Activate Code".  Your access code will give you access until December 31st, 2019.

5. To verify that your access is correctly activated, click on the "Account" icon in the left dashboard panel. The "License status" window on the right side of the screen will give you information on when your access expires.


 Additional info to help support accessing the trial and using the platform:

AMBOSS Platform Tour:

AMBOSS Webinar:

AMBOSS Overlay: