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KMU classic humanities films
General Education Center
Medicine and Contribution curriculum
  1. Introduction
  2. Silence and Deep Love
  3. Ties with the native land
  4. A Heart of Compassion and Service
  5. Local Doctors
  6. Father of patients, reliance for the elderly
  7. The Father of Taiwan's Public Health
  8. Health Guardian in the Remote Area
  9. The development indicators of Taiwan in the recent half century
  10. Disabled yet most Dependent
  11. The giant in the field of parasitological research
  12. Guiding light for the soul
  13. Full nursing care: the profession of four generations
  14. A Doctor who takes the boat to work
  15. Providing Medical Care to Indigenous People
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Language teaching Division
LiveABC Learning Web

Online browsing of LiveABC & CNN and other English material is available. Lively English lessons are provided to allow easy, self-learning units by topics. Interactive learning is experienced.

※Self-learning area:
The language learning center offers self-learning classrooms(CS310 &CS305), These classrooms carry TOEFL, GEPT, CNN, and other English related learning magazines, articles and software...(Detail)

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Language teaching Division
English Online Radio
Online listening of Let's talk in English & Studio Classroom is available. Listening available after connection
Multimedia On Demand

Online viewing of popular films or TV series, university-held seminars, speeches, or events are available.

※Self-learning area:
Learning Resource Area features an 8-person multimedia area. The first floor of the front library building provides MOD and can be used after registration. The first floor of the rear library building provides an 8-24 person multimedia area.

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Password: the first 6 digits of the birth year/month/date


E.g. 9207999 will be the account name (John Smith's student number) and 730801 (John Smith's birthday) will be the password

Library Digital Learning Tool

Powercam is used by the library to provide self-learning unlimited by time or location. PowerPoint, narration, and motion-display of procedures are featured.

Group reservations (minimum of 5 people) are available. Class content and hours can be self-designed and therefore, make learning more flexible.(Download an application)

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E-learning An interactive learning platform is available for students and teachers. Class options are available online and complete records of student learning and results are provided.

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College of Medicine DxR Clinician
(Online Doctor)
Virtual problem-based learning is available The university has purchased 28 online virtual case studies to provide students with online interactive diagnosis. The case studies feature authentic patient history and real case scenarios can be utilized to further diagnostic ability and experience. Please click to apply for account name and password
Contact Person: Miss Huang of College of Medicine (ext 2799)