The copying service is for KMU faculty, students and people with visitor registration card.

Service Time:Mon. ~ Fri. 08:10-22:00 Sat. ~ Sun. 09:00-17:00

▲ Use the copy machine with your own copy card during Library opening hours.

▲ Buy the copy card from the Campus Bookstore.

▲ NT$100 per card (including deposit NT$50), and you can print 55 sheets of paper (if you print single-sided).

  。 Stored value NT$300 → get 5% off

  。 Stored value NT$500 → get 10% off

▲ Provide color copy (machine on 1F and 2F building)

▲ Information about storing value and returning card, please ask the Campus Bookstore.

  Opening Time:Mon. ~ Fri. 09:00~19:00


Intellectual Property Rights related rules

▲ Please respect the Intellectual Property Rights and reject piracy!

▲ If you violate the rules of Intellectual Property Rights, we will inform the related office in the school.

▲ If you find any illegal copied textbook, you can inform us (ext.2133) or call the direct line 3220809 to deal with the violation.