KMU library provides a new Materials-on-Shelf Reservation Service for faculty and students in an effort to reduce close contact between people and prevent the spreading of the COVID-19. Welcome to use the new " You make an appointment; I look for materials " service.

Reservation and Pickup procedure

1. Please check library catalog for the materials status (materials must be on the shelf and available for check out.)

2. You will get the notified email or text message within 2 working days when the materials are ready to be checked out.

3. Please pick up the reservation materials within 5 days at the library circulation desk. The materials will be returned to the shelf if no one picks up after 5 days.

Please Note

1. The library will not accept requests from anyone who has applied the reservation, but failed to pick up the materials at least twice.  

2. Please contact the Readers’ Service at 2133 ext. 83 or if you have any questions. 


Online application

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